About Us

One evening when I was unable to sleep, I began pondering what I wanted to do with the next chapter of my life. So I made a list of things important to me and how I want to leave an impression on the world. The relationship I had with all my grandparents was extraordinary. They all lived to be over 90-years-old and they were a huge influence for me and my brothers. They had stories and lessons within each conversation and they didn't even realize how important these everyday blessings were going to be to us. I was lucky enough to interview and record my two grandmothers and capture a small snapshot of who they were; these are treasures to me.

One facet of Genevieve's Granddaughter:
Today in this crazy world of technology I think we are losing the most simple and important act of sharing meaningful conversation which includes learning and sharing our individual stories.  If you have someone special that you would like to capture their stories, I would be honored to help you.  I will interview that person and collect their memories and make them last so they can be enjoyed for many generations to come.  I host an interview either your home or my studio and digitally record our interview.  Everyone has wonderful and unique stories to share and learn from.  There are several packages to choose from that will capture the perfect legacy for your family.

I can help you protect your most valuable asset, your stories.

Options Available

Interview ~ At my studio or at your own home

Digital & transcript Copy of the Interview

Photo Session

Friends & Family Round Table

Photo Session

A special piece of art to reflect the stories shared.

Another facet of Genevieve's Granddaughter is experiencing and creating art in many mediums.  I adore and collect vintage needlework, linens, buttons, photographs and more. With those treasures I like to create a piece of art that holds the vintage feel while becoming something to display and share today. I can take a photograph of your family and place it on a vintage baby dress, copies of your grandmother's recipes and place on an apron, too. These create a unique and special baby and bridal shower gift for someone you love while celebrating past memories.

There are more ideas coming each day! Come and share your memories with me and make them a tangible joy to last several lifetimes.