Every stitch tells a story.

Every stitch tells a story.

Kathleen Ketch Stromecki

I was born in a small town in Western New York on a dairy farm. I am the oldest of six children and the five remaining are all brothers. My parents instilled my core values of hard work, understanding, family, acceptance and love. I adore them, and through them I experienced a great grouping of talented family members who possess a variety of talents.

I am a woman who was extremely blessed to have had all of my grandparents around to share their stories and witness their love first hand. My grandmother, Genevieve, was an incredible woman with many interests. I would say she was multifaceted and I probably get that gene from her. I am the happiest when I am learning and experiencing new things.

I love to create art with all my heart and I love to share the joy that creating can bring. I feel we forget how to play and simply enjoy the creating process. My art can be whimsical, heartwarming and thought provoking.  

As the creator of Genevieve's Granddaughter, Guardian of Stories, I seek past treasures and bring them new life. The past is important to me and I wish to share those treasures and stories with our younger generations. Otherwise these remarkable stories will be lost or forgotten.

I consider myself a rescuer of antique linens, laces, buttons, photographs and most things vintage. I encourage people to take the pieces of their history out of drawers, closets and attics and bring them back to life and honor them. Every stitch tells a story.